Essensia Garden

The Garden

Just behind the hotel’s Tiki Bar lies Essensia’s Organic Chefs Garden. Just one of several green initiatives, the garden consists of 6 individual beds, totaling 750 square feet of organic growing space. Personally overseen by our Chef, herbs and seasonal produce are picked fresh daily and used in many of our scrumptious recipes at our Miami restaurant – from our tomato salad with homegrown basil, ceviche with backyard cilantro to brussels sprouts with sage and shiitakes, just to name a few.

Our Executive Chef, has worked with a local, organic gardening firm to build a vegetable garden for the restaurant in our very own backyard! We are growing many of our specialty ingredients that we utilize in the food and drinks, including tomatoes, lemongrass, lemon balm, Thai basil, Cuban oregano, garden greens, edible flowers, and much more. Essensia is proud to be one of the leading restaurants in the farm-to-table mission in Miami Beach, and one of the first hotels to have our own restaurant garden.

For more information , please call Essensia at 305.908.5458.